Creating Websites with WordPress:”Think of it as all the difficult bits of making a website already done for you.”

Article Source: Creating Websites @ 2012/13 Uncooked Media Ltd. “A basic web presence: Introduction to WordPress.”

Although WordPress has always been adaptable and straightforward, recent modifications to the framework and tools have empowered users more than ever to build the kind of websites they desire with WordPress.While it continues to be most recognized as Blogging Software, Word Press has grown enormously since its first appearance in 2003.



If you want to sum up what WordPress is in a single idea, you can think of it as all the difficult bits of making a website already done for you.  In WordPress, you produce web content simply by filling in forms.  Entering text and other media in boxes, formatting it much like a word processor, and clicking publish; creates a sensible, sophisticated looking webpage, connected intelligently to your others.  As such, it is a great tool to build a website of just about any kind.

As you build, WordPress makes all that content manageable for both you, working behind the curtain, and your visitors too.  You get neat, organized collection of your posts and pages, making sure you never lose track of what you’re offering online, finding what you want to edit, add to, remove or shift around in seconds; they get easy navigation tools, clicking the categories and subjects of your work to find related pieces, or tapping a word or two into your site’s own search engine.

There are two versions, named for the sites from which they are obtained, and despite working basically the same, they are aimed at two rather different kinds of people., sometimes called “self-hosted WordPress”, us the serious option, offering limitless customisation and control – powerful site-building machinery in use by 25 million people, from dedicated amateurs all the way up to behemoths like CNN.  Once actually up and running it is terrifically powerful. offers the simplified alternative; it has no installation to speak of, no nail- biting upgrade procedures, compatibility worries or backup hassles, it does not require renting server space, configuring name servers or buying domains.  You sign up and get a website.  Yet it looks, for all-the-world, like its big brother.  You do lose some freedoms, and have access to dramatically reduced set of add-ons, 200-odd themes versus the many thousands available to “self-hosted” users and no access to commercial tools like shopping carts.

wordpresswebThe Incidental WordPress template available from:

Powered by People.  If being responsible for every inch of the site, from writing posts to placing logos, becomes a bit overwhelming, then you can add people, too.  WordPress easily allows the creation of roles for others to fill, leaving it upto you what they can and cannot do.

The most valuable human resource, however, will likely be the large community offering  extensive, free support for any matter you can think of.  With such power and flexibility, all for the price of free, the question here is not, “is WordPress right for me?”, but “Which WordPress is right for me?”

Read and Learn more about WordPress here:  “Creating Websides.  Your beginner’s guide to building professional websites.” A basic web presence: Introduction to WordPress. Available for purchase at Waterstones.

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