HUMAN BRAIN: The Mind is an Ocean of a Constant Change.

Is the disaster of our society a symptom of a brain disorder? Could it be that the emergence of patriarchal society and the catastrophic disaster it has become is a symptom of a very serious brain disorder?  A very ironical paradox seems to be occurring in our highly polluted oceans.  Humanity and the modern society became egocentric and dysfunctional and have been practically reduced to the destructive, predatory functions of a jellyfish… The human brain is the most complex mass of protoplasm on Earth and perhaps even in our Galaxy.  A product of heredity and environment, operative for many tens of millions of years, this three-pound collection of cells is still of virtually unknown potential; yet what a history of achievement and what incredible promise for the future.

Whole Brain Thinking: Becoming a part of the Universe.


“In our everyday lives we may think of ourselves as being separate, however we all have the ability to open ourselves to much more subtle level of experience – one underlying unity and connectedness… It is clear that the human mind has untapped powers.  Despite feeling that we are a single unified self, our two contrasting hemispheres each have their own way of perceiving the outside world.  The extend of these differences is enough to suggest that we have two separate minds, and in a way two distinct selves within each one of us.”  Tony Wright (“Left in the Dark”)

Scientific research has proven that advanced meditators develop the ability to use their whole brain and to live in a more balanced state characterized by brain synchronization and whole brain functioning. Some of the most brilliant scientists, technologists and artists throughout history had a high degree of “whole brain synchronization”. Einstein, Picasso and Lewis Carol are a few examples of the small percent of people who used Whole brain thinking.

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