THE OCEAN: The Greatest Sculptor of All.

The ocean is a living creature, always moving, reshaping… playing its never-ending game.  I simply cannot explain the emotional belonging I share for the sea … maybe it is because as human beings essentially we all came from it.  And it is really the constant movement, mystery and unpredictability that I love most about it.

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 12.33.13The sea is the larges and most beautiful treasure house ever offered to humanity.  If only we can preserve it – and from every point of view, it is now in danger of losing its natural equilibrium.  The Earth was built in less than 100 million years.  Under the influence of gravity, the heavy elements such as iron and nickel were concentrated at the core, while the lighter components lay on top to form the mantle and the crust.  The Earth was then basically barren, without oceans and without life… and then the Oceans literally fell from heaven!  During the first few hundred million years of the solar system, huge asteroids constantly bombarded the Earth.  The most likely water-bearing candidates are the comets, which are composed of ice and silicates. What a spectacular show it must have been!  When the celestial bombarding ended, the sea was able to gain its stability and power of shaping the Earth.

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