Christian Liaigre: Unity of modesty, elegance and delicacy.

Iconic French Designer Christian Liaigre is one of my much loved designers. What draws me to his work is the nature conscious philosophy behind his designs and perhaps on more innate level, the fact that I entirely share his passions: the love for nature, sea and horses.


Christian Liaigre photographed by FRANCO P TETTAMANTI.

Liaigre was born in the west of France.  Time spend on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean influenced his design ideology and artesian craftsmanship, generateing an innovative spirit based on the use of materials such as woods weathered by the sea and the sand.  Later in his career, Liaigre returns to nature for another decade and dedicates himself to horse-breeding, one of his main passions.

Over the last twenty-five years, Christian Liaigre has made himself known by his refined, high quality work. Through good use of space and light, basing his design on local cultures and traditions, choice of materials and a special love of art and crafts, Christian Liaigre has managed to combine certain modesty with great elegance. Interior architecture and design according to Liaigre, are far from fashion and trends but synonym to timelessness, calm beauty and subtle luxury. He believes that comfort does not lie in trivial affluence but in delicacy and rareness.


In my belief, the ultimate brilliance and passion of Christian Liaigre’s, comes to life in the magnificence of the Vertigo Yacht.  Liaigre created an interior of the yacht, that is sophisticated, calming and totally unexpected.  Combining luxury and adventure, he has succeeded in the challenge of designing interior that remains sleek and sensitive to its immediate environment.

The minimalist interior of this luxury sailing yacht is awash with a natural palette of tones: walnuts, creams and blacks. Transparent sides to the superstructure emphasize these, allowing light to flood in from all angles.

More on Christian Liaigre … and the Verigo Yacht Design:

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