FLOATING UTOPIA: An exhilarating journey to self-discovery.

“In the emerald, calm waters peacefully she lay…

Seeking gentle touch of the innocent Escape.

And she found it!  Veiled fantasies; trapped melodies!

There they were! All secretly buried inside her.”

I wrote this short poem in an attempt to communicate the state of my mind while my body was weightlessly floating in the gentle waves of the ocean. 

floating kat

As I slowly immerse my body into the waters of the ocean… I become relaxed and peaceful.   I feel serene and my body becomes a part of the infinite waters… I am secluded but in a good way.  I could only compere this sensation to how a baby must feel in his mother’s womb.  By the process of recording and later analyzing the flowing motion of my body, two evident elements became very visible.  One was the reoccurring shape of the movement and positioning of my body. The other one a wonderful sensation of becoming united with the environment I was in.  Gradually all becomes one: the sound, the space, my body and my thoughts united in a floating moment.

The video below is the outcome of my ocean investigations.  

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