The Story began on the Sea…

Desire is the root of our passion, our power and drive towards happiness. It can guide us to the highest destiny.  And lead us on adventures that change the course of our lives.  This book is a selection of short essays complied along my research journey; in an attempt to demystify the causes of the misery of our modern society.  This undertaking was the most absorbing and gratifying time of my life.  I can truly say, that, in the course of this research my life grew to a new richer significance. It is my wish, that you can immerse yourself and explore the following pages, just like I did… floating quietly, thoughtfully, with innocent detachment and a childlike, simple pleasure.  Pausing now and then to reflect – making sense of the dilemma, flowing on to ultimately evolve with a changed meaning of your own powers – a transformed consciousness of your own mind and perception of the world you live in.


Yet, nothing can alternate for the true float of the silent, 

weightless wander in the endlessness of the ocean.

More from the book coming soon…


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