K Philosophy

“Great design doesn’t just suddenly happen but it is a child of a proficient evolvement. I strive to mark my presence within the transformation as a continuous expansion of my knowledge.”


My work is always a conclusion of a systematic research as I venture the world in a quest to unveil deeper values within the conditions of the environment and human balanced co-existence. The world of art and design is an ocean of a constant change… Every new day brings new adventures.

Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 04.08.01

As a student of Interior and Spatial Design at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, I have been methodically investigating the medium of film in relation to design.  A medium that speaks a language far more complex than the written words or simple drawings ever could… For me, film and photography is a toola means of looking at things… a way of recording my self-reflecting journey.

In my latest project “Floating Mind”, I have explored all of my passions; the Sea, Photography and the Humanities in a search to discover the true meaning of Social Utopia.


And I have floated both; physically and mentally in a quest to find the lost meaning of the social identity.  At present, I am working on a design of a Spiritual Space on Water, a landscape of the Floating Mind.  A place to stimulate human senses of unbounded belonging and unity within the natural environment.  A space that will reflect the human need of tolerance and a conscious mind in the global world.

Please click on the following links to download my Creative Profile, or see my other blog http://katkocialkowskadesign.com.


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