Please click on the following link to download my CV: KatKocialkowskaCreativeProfile

What is your Objective?

I always welcome new, challenging projects that would deepen my knowledge within the design field as well as nurture my passion for writing and travel.

What is your academic background?

I have started my creative education at the Open University, where for three years, part-time, I have studied the Humanities and the History of Art.  I have also completed a Product Design Course, on which I became fascinated with the technical side of design, so I pursued studies in Interior Architecture progressing to a Bachelors Degree in Interior & Spatial Design at Chelsea College of Art and Design.

I am an advanced user of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign), Image and Video Editing Software and Cad Design (Vector Works). As well as keen traveller and photographer.

Tell me something about your working experience?

In my most recent position, at HIP Hotels Media LTD I have been working on a wide array of creative project within Online Publishing as well as Image and Video Editing.  I have been assisting and liaising with the Creative Director (Herbert Ypma) on various design assignments as well as having a sole responsibility of Image Library Management and Social Media Management: sole charge of the Instagram and Pinterest, as well as shared charge of Facebook and Twitter.

Here are some samples of Video Editing Projects that I have done for HIP Hotels Media. (All images and text by Herbert Ypma.)

Macakizi Trailer

Distrito Capital Hotel Trailer

Downtown Mexico Trailer


I have also directed a renovation project of a one bedroomed Victorian Conversion Flat.  During the course of the renovation, I have completed the following:

  • Planned and managed the entire development; from assessing and reconfiguring space, preparing feasible cost plan to briefing professionals and managing the work schedule.
  • Arranged for planning permissions, followed building regulations and designated certified installers.
  • Decided on different treatments for the floors and walls, sourced appropriate materials, and supervised the progression of the application.
  • Designed kitchen and bathroom layouts and sourced materials and appliances for the spaces.
  • Designed appropriate storage space within the flat and coordinated the projects with the carpenter.

Your Design Philosophy would be?

My design philosophy is very much sourced by the studies of Classical Architecture, Humanity and the understanding of Natural Sciences.  My architectural stimuli, includes the works of Tadao Ando, Le Corbusier, Oscar Niemeyer and Alberto Campo Daeza.  I am a huge admirer of the Renaissance Movement and such brilliances as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Picasso.  I currently live in London, dedicating most of my time to extensive research.  I have also recently begun studying drawing from cast.

What is your Interior Design Style?

“Embrace the future with appreciation to the past.”

In simples of words: a laid-back luxury.  By a way of careful arrangement of modern, antique and vintage; a sense of fantasy and quality as well as elegance and dignity becomes manifested through the space.  It is the play between those two worlds, the constant challenging of the opposite styles, bringing life and energy to the space, that I find fascinating.

What I find most exciting in the process of interior design is the act of unveiling the potentially of the space. I absolutely adore Marlene Birger’s (Danish designer) feminine approach to her interior designs.  Her style is very much inspired by her travels, and she uses a signature color palette of black, tones of grey, white and silver, which I quite often associate within my own designs.

What is your architecturally most fascinating place in the world?

Italy!  And as for the global collective imagination, Italian architecture is best epitomized by Venice.


It associates architecture with the ability to transform the world we inhabit.  I am equally inspired by the remarkable architecture as well as the art and ingenious man’s determination of inhabiting the Islands in a way they have. If I had to point out my favourite gallery in Venice I would be in a dilemma over choosing either Peggy Guggenheim, housed in the rather luxurious apartments in the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, magnificently positioned on the Grand Canal. The collection is just superb, showcasing the genius of the 20th century Art World, Picasso, Braque, Mondrian, Kandinsky, Ernst, Dali, and the list goes on… The second rather obvious choice would be the very symbol of the city, recently restored by the infamous Tadao Ando – Punta Della Dogana, a center of the Contemporary Art.  Through Ando’s sensitive and respectful restoration approach, the past and the present are united in a world without time, creating a place that is unique in the world.

What would be your favourite structural material?

I have always loved the feel and texture of real stone, and have been an admirer of antique style and classical sculptures.  On my final project at Chelsea College of Art, I have been designated a site to establish my research in, it was the Barbican, in the City of London, a place made entirely of concrete.  I became fascinated with this material, its versatility and the endless possibility it sustains.


Again I am madly in love with antique finds.  I can spend hours browsing through the stalls at Sudbury Market, imagining how a new spur of life could be given to the various pieces of furniture.  I am also very fond of Italian manufacturers of classical and modern furniture.  My favourite product designer is without a doubt Antonio Citterio, and his fantastic furniture collection for Maxalto. The soul and image of this brand name is craftsmanship and artisanal production, since most of its creations are made by hand, that conveys a very strong appeal to me.

Let it be Light!

Light is crucial in creating atmospheres within architectural spaces.  Artificial light that fills a room can give the impression of a space being serene, exhilarating or celebratory.  That’s exactly what Hudson Chandeliers do! My unconditional favorites are their two stunning latest pieces Mother and Atlantis. They naturally provoke emotions and atmosphere within the space.

Samples from Floating Mind Project:

sea sculpture



Examples of my Mood Boards:









softly sophisticated

Samples of my 3D Vector Works/Atlantis Modelling:

Samples of my 3D Vector Works/Atlantis Modelling:Black Pearl is a Boutique and Photography Studio.  The concept has been inspired by the manufacture process of Oyser’s Pearls’ it’s Shell and natural habitat, the Ocean.







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