Travel & Photography

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

– St. Augustine

Travel is my greatest passion if not an obsession.  I crave new adventures endlessly.  The World is my ultimate teacher, always bringing new realities, excitement and wisdom.

I want to share the beauty and uniqueness of this fascinating world though the lens of my camera.  Connecting people’s thoughts, feelings, pain and happiness through the power of an image.

I believe that an image is a very powerful medium of communication, a medium with an everlasting spirit… A way, that allows another person to see not only through my eyes but even more importantly to re-live the experience of  my mind and soul at that exact moment of capture.

The purpose and ambition of my work and presence is to make this world a better place.  This is a map of my Floating Mind.  It charts my journey, that I have embarked on in a search of a perfect social state.

map-of-floating-mind-katBellow are samples of my Travel Writing:

title page floating utopia

the meaning of a place   venice 

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